Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Crossdressers Transvestite and TGirl Clothing Pages Revealed

If you want Crossdressing, Transvestite, or TGirl Resources Plus Information, Products and Chat Forums ... You Have Arrived - - Please enjoy.

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Crossdressing Forum - Transgender Discussion Board

The New Crossdressing Forum - Transgender Discussion Board caters for all TV/CD/TS folk and offers a great way of asking questions and indeed researching all aspects of crossdressing and transgender issues.

This crossdressing forum is 100% free and is welcoming new members to sign up today.


Monday, 14 December 2009

Transvestite Makeup and Voice Feminization

As a transgender female, having gone through the sex change operation, it was very important to me to pass as a women in the real everyday world of shopping, work and socialising.

I was aware how important it was to make sure I looked and sounded convincing as a TS female. My path took me to consult professional makeup artists and speech therapy clinics. However, having gone through this and now having my own TG resources website I have made available some crucial programs that will be very useful for makeup and voice feminization and avoid you having the major expense and dissapointments that I indeed experienced.

Dermablend by Vichy - Miracle Foundation Video

Take a look at my Cross Dressing Guide, Transvestite and Transgender Makeup Makeover Products and Learn Voice Feminization programs and I will promise you that you will be on your way to passing just like a genetic female / women.

Why not take a look at our transvestite clothing website or subscribe to our RSS feed to keep yourself updated with our TG/TS/CD news and article posts.

I wish all your tgirls a very happy day and look forward to your visit again soon.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Tranvestite Clothing - Cross Dressing Clothing, Shoes, Wigs Plus Lots More

Tranvestite clothing - A website for transvestites and cross dressing (cross dressers) and is a complete resource for clothing, shoes, wigs, transformation products and essential makeup products aimed specifically for this unique and popular market.

Cross dressing is now widely known as an acceptable and rather fun expression of your personal outer self and unlike olden days it is good to be able to go out in public and for nights out as your alter ego and be able to show off ones colourfull expressions in clothing, wigs and makeup.

Transvestism and Cross Dressing products have been somewhat hard to come by, especially as us men who like to dress as women, mostly, have larger bodies than women and therefore we need bigger sizes in clothing, shoes and special stay on makeup products (eg. dermabland).

TransvestiteClothing.Net is a unique website that welcomes and is specifically aimed towards cross dressers and transvestites who need great clothing, bigger shoes and boots (larger plus sizes upto size 15) and we are colourfull and Loud and PROUD to offer fantastic products to you at really good prices.


Please stop by at our website for your Transvestite Clothing and Cross Dressing Transformation products soon - we look forward to seeing you their.

Best Wishes and Regards
Val Marks - TS

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